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Oscar Classic Juicer Chrome

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NEW ARRIVAL - The Oscar Classic Juicer is now available in a stunning chrome finish!
The latest Oscar Juicer, new improved features & classic design! The Oscar Classic is the best selling cold press juicer in South Africa.

Normal Price: R 8250
Price: R 8199

Oscar Classic juicer guarenteeThe latest Oscar Juicer.

The Oscar Classic Juicer includes a larger feeding chute, which cuts down on preparation time. The new Oscar includes an extra juicing strainer especially for softer fruits. 

Oscar Classic Juicer VS DA1000 VS DA900

All Oscar Juicers produce exceptional quality juice. The Oscar Classic and the Oscar DA1000 have a more advanced front-end and give a slightly higher yield than the DA900. Besides the juicers' design, there are a few small differences between the Oscar Classic and the DA1000.

oSCAR classic juicer bpa free

Benefits of the Oscar Classic vs the Oscar DA1000

  • The Oscar Classic has a larger feeding chute than the DA1000.
    • Spend less time prepping and more time drinking healthy juice!
  • The Classic comes with a juicing strainer especially for softer fruits
    • The DA1000 will struggle if you are making a juice out of soft fruits only
  • One piece drum & hopper
    • Means one less piece to assemble (although I would rarely remove the DA1000 hopper)
  • Self feeding
    • The feeding chute and auger are nearly the same size, this enhances the self feeding action
    • Note that you will need to use the food pusher with some produce

Both the Oscar Classic and the DA1000 were modelled after the DA900's award winning design. Both of the newer models use the BPA Free Ultem Tough Auger and feature the front-end pressure adjustment for higher yield. The DA900 however has an optional oil extractor available.

Oscars Are Multipurpose Juicers

Use the 'blank screen' to prepare the following:

  • Nut butters
  • Healthy frozen desserts (Sorbets & Frozen Yoghurt)
  • Baby Puree
  • Pasta (attachments supplied)
  • Kimchi
  • Soy bean milk
  • Grind grains and spices
  • Mince meat, fish & chicken

*Note that all Oscar Juicers come with the blank screen and can perform the functions listed above.

Technical Specifications:

  • GE Ultem Tuff extra strong juicing AUGER
  • 220v (50Hz) 63-75 RPM
  • 200 watt induction motor
  • L x W x H = 47 cm x 18 cm X 33.5 cm (unboxed)
  • Weight = 8.18 kg (In the box weight)

Warranty Information

Household warranty

  • 5 years on front end parts (replacement cost calculated based on period the machine has been used for)
  • 20 years on the motor

Commercial Warranty

  • 6 months on parts (replacement cost calculated based on period the machine has been used for)
  • 3 years on the motor

Oscar Classic Juicer - Best Juicer For Juicing Celery



  • 23-04-2021
    Eks mal oor die Oscar Juicer. Hy is vinnig en maklik om skoon te maak. Het ook baie ander settings. Ek moet nog als uit toets.
    Bloemfontein -
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