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We like to spoil our customers with little extras that enhance their juicing experience. Below are various options which you'll be able to choose as a free gift when purchasing selected Oscar Juicers. 


Juice Saver Product 1Vacuum seal storage container - Juice saver

A 750ml BPA free container with suction pump which removes all air from the juice container. 

The oxygen in the air causes your lovely fresh juice to spoil quickly. Removing all of the air means that you can store your juice for up to 5x longer.

This is a really nifty accessory to have if you are juicing to heal your body of disease. It is not always possible to juice multiple times a day. 

The vacusaver allows you to make a considerable amount of juice and consume it later with far less deterioration of the vital nutrients and enzymes in the juice. 

*although we do always recommend consuming your juice shortly after juicing.


9781432306526 Alkaline Juices SmoothiesAlkaline Juices & Smoothies

A healthy diet means eating a balance of acidic and alkaline foods. The modern Western diet is heavily weighted towards foods that tend to be acid-forming. Alkaline Juices & Smoothies presents an easy-to-follow way to cleanse your system and repair that imbalance. This definitive plan will guide you in a seven-day journey to wellbeing, encourage the natural process of weight loss, increase energy and vitality and begin to restore your body to its natural rhythms. The destructive effects of the modern acidic diet are combated through a judicious menu of green smoothies, fresh juices and satisfying drinks. The detox plan can be followed for seven consecutive days, but even one or two days a week will yield benefits.


9781432306281 500 Green and Detox Juices Carol Beckerman HR500 Green & Detox Juices

Very effective at boosting health, and a great substitute for a sugar-loaded snack, juices can have a fast and positive impact on vitality and mood. As fresh produce retains most of its vitamins, minerals, enzymes and plant chemicals that are usually killed off by heat in cooking processes, juicing is a great way to absorb nutrients, helping to protect against cardiovascular problems and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Juicing also fights food intolerances, removing wheat and dairy products from the system and does wonders for bloated stomachs. Children especially will enjoy the bright colours and fresh tastes and will never know there are vegetables hidden among their favourite fruits.

Note that some gift options may not be available with certain juicers due to them being shipped from different locations. 


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