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The moulds for the DA900 have been improved. If you need to replace a juicing screen you may need a new drum as well. We have included these two items as a combo deal to make ordering more convenient. Please follow instructions carefully and choose the correct item.

Please have a careful look at the various parts before calling us for advise. It is a lot easier to follow our visual guides in order to determine exactly which parts you need. When clients call to ask advice on parts, it can be difficult for us to determine what you need when we can't see the part. If you could please have a look over the info provided in this section, it will make the process of replacing your parts considerably easier. 

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Oscar DA900 Spare Parts

Oscar DA900 Juicing Strainer

Please note that there are two versions of the DA900 juicing strainer. Go into the product details to compare the images and determine which version of the strainer you need. Strainer #1 is now out...

Price: R 995

Product Details

DA900 strainer and drum

New, improved drum and strainer for the Oscar DA900. NOTE: If you have the old strainer with no number and need to replace it, you will need to purchase this combo with the new drum.

Price: R 1806

Product Details

DA900 Drum

Note that this is the new drum. It only works with juicing strainer number 3-1 or 3-2. The strainer/screen is clearly marked. If your strainer has no number on it, then it is the old version and...

Price: R 850

Product Details

Oscar DA900 Screw

Oscar DA900 Screw – The ALL NEW “Black ULTEM tough” screw – stronger than the melamine “cream colour” that you used to get!

Price: R 1435

Product Details

Oscar DA900 Front End

Full front end except the food pusher and pasta attachments

Price: R 3265

Product Details


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