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Power Juices, Super Drinks

Bestselling author of Juice Fasting and Detoxification Steve Meyerowitz provides quick, delicious recipes to prevent and reverse disease.
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About the book

Featuring dozens of tasty and easy recipes, this guide will help readers tap into the restorative power of natural fruits and explains how drinking fresh juice can lead to improved health. An excellent read for anyone trying to make juicing quick and simple enough to fit into just about any lifestyle.

Written by a nationally-recognized expert on the benefits of juicing, Power Juices, Super Drinks contains natural solutions for more than 100 conditions ranging from anemia, excess weight, chronic fatigue, and so much more. Learn how to help a headache with a two-ingredient juice. Discover how pineapple can help those suffering from arthritis. Other ailments and conditions discussed in Power Juices, Super Drinks include acne, depression, hot flashes, and pregnancy. Some of the herbs and foods, along with the most recent nutritional research about how they can help you, include: garlic, parsley, Echinacea, and much more.


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